Chill Bear Club

A collection of 5555 generative bear themed NFTs that enable holders to “chill” across multiple different metaverses.

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What is
Chill Bear Club?

Chill Bear Club is a collection of 5555 generative bear themed NFTs that enable holders to “chill” across multiple different metaverses.The collection features original in-house artwork, that delivers on community, utility and longevity

The project plans to feature up to FOUR collections of art styles, ranging from 2D, to pixel, to Voxel and finally 3D art. All of which showcase the talent of our young artist Hontas, whilst ensuring wide compatibility across multiple different projects and platforms.
The CBC Project aims to finally fulfill the true definition of a "Metaverse" by enabling holders to access the platforms of multiple different projects via a single NFT

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Chill Bear Club. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

1. Collection 1–2D Genesis Chill Bear NFTs

- We will release our Genesis Chill Bears that are going to be recognisable and distinct. They are designed in a way that can be easily translated into different art styles, formats and mediums. Think pixel art, voxel, 3D models, but also real world physical 3D prints, collectables, merchandise, animation and more

2. $HUNNY token and continuous value add

- Roll out our $HUNNY token staking and earning system. $HUNNY will be used for community voting, minting of future drops, merch and more
- $HUNNY will be key to ensure loyalty is rewarded and is central for our members to claim future drops for free
- We will be implementing a secret fun new approach to continuously add value to our community to avoid stagnation between collection drops
- Acquisition of strategic LAND assets from various metaverses to be developed

3. Collection 2–2D Pixel NFT and metaverse integration

- We will release our second collection of pixel chill bears derived from our first
- These will enable utility within pixel metaverses and games
- Team will develop LAND assets for community use and begin integration of our avatars into various metaverses

4. Collection 3–3D Voxel NFT

- 3D Voxel models will be created and be made available to existing to integrate with 3D metaverses such as Sandbox, NFTworlds
- Additional metaverse integrations to utilise these avatars will be continuously added over time

5. Collection 4 - Fully rigged 3D avatars

- Fully rigged 3D Chill Bears to work in non VX metaverses such as DCL, JADU mirrorverse etc
- In between each phase we will have community events, collabs, merch, giveaways and of course a space to chill.

6. Bonus Collection - Chill Bear World avatars!

- NFTworld compatible private Minecraft server w/ custom avatars accessible via Web3!
- Matched 1:1 with genesis collection
- In game economy with virtual events, token utility, giveaways and more!

Roadmap post launch

Meet the team


Lead artist
Art and musical prodigy



Product and Project management
Crypto and NFT Visionary



Technology Lead
Crypto and NFT veteran


San Leo

Technology Wizard
Minecraft Veteran



Adviser and Community management
Co-founder of Zenapes



Community Lead
Community management and engagement



Solidity Expert
Dev for Women Rise

Friends, Collaborations and Partners

Chill Bear Club has officially collaborated with the following amazing communities. These relationships will ensure a symbiotic interoperability within their communities and platforms. These partnerships include, but are not limited to, community engagement, features in upcoming drops and collections, crossover collections, and exclusive access to future mints and most importantly direct integration into some of their respective metaverses.

Kaiju Kingz
Dysto Apez
Fortune Friends Club
Origins NFT
Recon Rams
Nifty Nuggets
Mao Dao
The Habibiz
Forgotten Etheral Worlds
Rice day
Kuroro Beasts
NFT Cavier
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
Yakuza Inc
The Ascendants

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